Launch a startup from anywhere in the World.
Let us handle all your company's taxes and accounting while you focus on your clients and grow your business activity.

What do we offer?

EU Company
Foundik offers you an EU regulated company - Estonian private limited company(OÜ) that can be managed 100% online and anywhere in the world
Banking Account
You can integrate a new TransferWise account to your business who also issue a Debit Mastercard for your business transactions - all that 100% online
We will be taking care of your whole business’s accountancy - taxes, invoices.


A one time setup fee of €260 required plus a monthly fee based on your business needs.
REQUIREMENT Estonian e-Residency required before proceeding.



Ideal for individuals who are just getting started
loadingTransferWise Account
loadingAccounting Service
loadingUp to 10 sales invoices per month
loadingYearly Tax submission
loadingStandard support within 24hrs



Ideal for small businesses
loadingTransferWise Account
loadingAccounting Service
loadingUp to 25 sales invoices per month
loadingYearly Tax submission
loadingPersonal Accountant
loadingPremium customer support



Ideal for established business owners

Registration process

With Foundik, your company can be set up within days. We help with all the paperwork.
Become an E-Resident
Submit your online application
Sign the company formation documents
Your company is formed in Estonia
Receive a tax ID number

About us

Producement is a startup consisted of high level product engineers. They are responsible for the software infrastructure of Foundik. Read more about Producement.
Robby & Bobby
Robby & Bobby is a modern accountancy company with a focus on helping small and middle-size business owners develop their businesses and achieve their goals. Read more about Robby & Bobby.



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